Sunday, November 20, 2005

The "three-minute love affair"

"...but I think you can dance a better tango when life's kicked you in the face a couple times"

Bob Collins, at NPR, has a slide show up about the popularity of the tango in the Twin Cities. Although interesting just for what it's about, what was more interesting was that I actually recognized one of the dancers in the slideshow; Connie Stack (alt. slide), a good friend of my inlaws.

Here's a link to Mandragora Tango Orchestra as well, in case you're interested in actually tango-ing a bit yourself, and a link to the MPR story about the band which parallels the slide show.


Anonymous said...

Dan and I took a dance class through community ed before our wedding. The Tango was my favorite - it's so much fun! Someday I'll drag him back for more lessons - although much as I love my husband, the poor man has NO rhythm.

Scooter said...

The article specifically says that the Tango seems to be mainly for people in their 40s and 50s. You have to leave Dan alone for several more years - he's simply not old enough.