Sunday, November 20, 2005

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I was watching X-Play today and they reviewed the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Honestly, I think Mean Mr. Mustard needs to buy his daughter a Nintendo DS for Christmas just so he can play this game.
The game has you controlling Phoenix Wright, a lawyer fresh off the bar who is, initially, more than a little nervous. The first case you take on, a murder trial in defense of Phoenix's dopey best friend, Larry Butz, serves as a tutorial in which law firm chief Mia Fey guides you through the ins and outs of courtroom procedure.

And, this is the best part, you can yell at the screen/witnesses/judge! On X-Play they noted that screaming "objection!" over and over was particularly satisfying. I'd love to hear that from across the cube rows some afternoon.

During the cross-examination, you're free to scroll through witness testimony line by line to better dissect it. There are two ways to reveal problems with testimony. The first is by "pressing" the witness on particular statements. You can do this silently on the touch screen or audibly by shouting "Hold it!" into the DS microphone.

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