Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Molly Quinn's Redux

The ALA posted in my comments about the smoking ban and Molly Quinn's. Although I didn't spell it out, my intent was to note that I was pretty sure what sank the bar/restaurant was not the smoking ban, but truly atrocious service. After reading the MNSpeak comments, it doesn't seem as though I'm the only one to feel that way:

"The last time I was there we were totally ignored by the wait staff and made to seem not welcome while they chatted with their regulars. I just assumed it was the poor customer service that would kill their business."

"Every time I've been, the service was really slow unless I was sitting at the bar. Exceptionally slow for breakfast...Three times in a row I asked for my drink and it was her 4th visit back that she brought it. Half hour to get a drink. When I joked about it at my table, others shared their Molly Quinn's poor service stories."


Anonymous said...

The service at the old location was much better. I only ate once at the new location and service was not the norm. The atmosphere was also not as celtic as the old facility. But, then the old facility was a hang out for family get togethers.

Unknown said...

Your post on smoking bans is so much more than a "nod to nothing..."

At last night's hearing, several people mentioned this thread about the REAL reason Molly Quinn's is on the ropes. Thanks for getting the ball rolling....

I often get bad links to our blog through Blogger (a glitch in the software somewere), I recommend people find us on the MNSpeak Aggregator.

PS: Our speakers nailed it at the Hennepin County smoking ban hearings last night. A long list of political leaders -- including S. Humphrey, Dave Thune and Arnie Carlson -- told the commisioners to leave the ban as is. Many doctors, experts and regular people (including wait staff) said the same.