Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Dime a Probe

I present an uncomfortable tale:

I had a very hard time sleeping one night last week, and pretty much didn't sleep at all. So when Pooteewheet's alarm went off, I hurried out of bed and struggled into the shower downstairs so I could get in and out and not hold her up. I washed my hair and then heard a dime drop. That's not a phrase of speech - I actually heard a dime drop. I looked around and Eisenhower staring back at me from the floor of the shower. That in itself is peculiar, but hair was almost completely dry! And when I went into the living room, almost 20 minutes had passed. Occam's razor says to follow the most logical explanation, and I can only assume that I was abducted from my shower by aliens who probed me and left me a dime for the trouble, not understanding that most humans feel it's worth far more than that amount. Or else I fell asleep standing up, bumped into the shower wall, and knocked lose the dime Eryn had been playing with in the bathroom the day before. Damn aliens.

1 comment:

Joe said...

Sorry, my bad. It was payback for the time I had sleep paralysis and you were sneaking around in my hallway.

I admit the probe was a bit much.