Sunday, October 30, 2005

White House Ethics

"46 percent to 15 percent, Americans say the level of honesty and ethics in the government has declined rather than risen under Bush."
"Barely a third of Americans -- 34 percent -- think Bush is doing a good job ensuring high ethics in government, which is slightly lower than President Bill Clinton's standing on this issue when he left office."

15% think the ethics level has risen? Honestly, that crowd will have to find J.C. hooded and locked up in a room at Guantanamo, personally supervised by Cheney wearning a Team Halliburton shirt, ala The Grand Inquisitor, to believe there's a problem afoot. And that second number seems to imply that some of those who were upset about the blow job as opposed to the lie/content of the lie are getting past the sexual aspect and realizing the lies of the current administration are a bit more damaging to everyone who isn't just the president.

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