Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Patch (and the Great Pumpkin's Vagina)

Yesterday we traveled up to Monticello to celebrate my friends' son, Conner's, second birthday. We restrained ourselves from buying him anything huge to take up space in their rapidly dwindling floor plan, and stuck to Spiderman-themed bedstuff, and Conner seemed happy. Afterwards, as we were coming home the long way, we saw a gardening center with a pumpkin pactch and decided to let Eryn go find her own pumpkin. This primarily involved looking at mushy pumpkins in the field (there was already a frost) and listening to Eryn seriously inform us that she did not want to go in the giant pumpkin you could bounce around in. I got her as far as the pumpkin's vagina...two big, puffy, orange, vertical lips blowing hot, moist air, and now and then dispensing a wet child...and she freaked out and declared "Eryn does not like that big pumpkin so much." So much for next week's rebirthing ceremony.

On to some pictures. This is Eryn standing in the field full of rotten pumpkin pie.

A happier picture of Eryn in a field full of rotten pumpkin pie. She might be amused that I touched a pumpkin and declared that I was disgusted I had pumpkin snot all over my hand. I probably made a bit of an image wandering around a pumpkin field in the north(west)ern burbs in my trenchcoat and dress shoes.

Eryn with a fake motorcycle, "Just like Grandpa John's".

Eryn as a scarecrow. The scarecrow stand almost fell over on her as she was leaning against it. Later in the day she went to the Boo Zoo festivities with grandpa and grandma, which featured many cut outs in which to insert your face and she refused all of them, which confused them until we told them the story about the tipping one later over Bell's Two-Hearted Ale.

Me as a scarecrow. Has anyone seen my brain?

Me touching a giant pumpkin inappropriately in the only way socially acceptable while in view of others. I am not giving it the finger, I'm just picking its nose.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying my motorcycle is a fake! Eryn I will see you on the 5th of November. I am comming to take care of your cusions, Oliver and Auther for a week.
Grandpa John

LissyJo said...

Um, first of all: Eryn has cushions? Are they couch cushions or pin cushions? Why does one have the same name as her cousin? And why does the other have a name that sounds like it knows how to write?

Secondly: Why don't we get to see you coming out of the pumpkin's vagina instead of picking it's nose? BTW: It wouldn't be a rebirthing of eryn. If that were to occur, you'd have to butcher-knife the giant pumpkin open and extract her from it.