Thursday, October 20, 2005

Trees, Trees, TREES!

I took Tuesday off so Pooteewheet, Eryn and I could all visit the Minnesota Arboretum. We packed a picnic lunch and spent four hours or so wandering around and enjoying the leaves in color, the plants that were still alive and, in Eryn's case, the fountains. Pooteewheet was amused by the woman near us in the cafeteria who was decked out in Jeep paraphenalia, until we got to the parking lot and realized why. There was some sort of Jeepster reunion going on. If you don't know what a Jeepster is, you're in the same boat I was in; but you have the advantage of being able to link immediately to Wikipedia's Jeepster link, and see my Arboretum Jeepster montage.

There were hundreds of (well, more than a hundred) cute pictures of Eryn - but unless you're really interested, we generally only subject family and friends. However, I willingly subject all of you to more pictures of me inappropriately touching giant animals, and a spectualarly staged bit of geekdom perpetrated on my wife.

The giant bird slide. I believe Klund may have linked to this in his family picture blog. You climb in the mouth and then are pooped out the back end. You can just barely make out Eryn getting excreted amongst the branches.

This was in a giant nest and we were assured it was a giant egg. That means it counts as a giant animal and I'm allowed to take an embarassing picture. You can tell I'm in touch with my feminine side as I'm working to keep it warm.

Pooteewheet posing for a picture I'm sure the Arboretum folks had in mind when they placed this statue on the grounds. Live long and prosper or dorky wife of mine. Eryn, down in the corner, wants nothing to do with mom and is sure that the waterfall in the background is infinitely more interesting.

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