Thursday, October 20, 2005

Texas Hold 'Em

I played Texas Hold 'Em at TallBrad's last night and went home with second place, which I believe might put me at dead even over all the games I've played at his place. While second place was exciting (though it took four hours to get there and I eventually lost most of my chips in heads up on a K-3 versus a J-6 on the river), far more exciting was pushing TallBrad out of the game, at his house, so close to the beginning, and taking his bounty chip, by playing a pair of Queens against his pair of Aces and drawing into the third queen even though one had already been (unknowningly) tossed. Brad assures me this was, at best, at 20% vs. 80% draw, and I'm sure he's right, as he had four hours to do the math while I nursed the chips I took from him all the way to the end.

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