Friday, October 14, 2005

Different Strokes for Different Folks

This post is merely to cover things specific to the various individuals I know. It may or may not be of interest to anyone else:

Kristin, over at So What If I'm a Bitch? had a post up defending her right to love her American Girl doll(s) and about a Dekalb lecture about how the dolls are for rich girls. I think I can fully support American Girl dolls because they fund a group dedicated to empowering girls, Girls, Inc. It's doubly wonderful as it has a segment of the right (the American Family Association) up in arms about how they're funding "a pro-abortion, pro-lesbian advocacy group." So, Kristin, next time someone gives you a hard time about your doll, tell them that your $100 is directly supporting, "Girls Inc., which traces its roots back to a center founded in Waterbury, Conn., in 1864, serves about 800,000 girls a year, many of them black or Hispanic and most from low-income families" and is giving AFA chairman Don Wildmon and approximately 2.2 million other (conservative) AFA members a queasy feeling in their belief that the dolls capture a more appropriate period of women's history.

This is for TallBrad, although I already sent it to him personally - but it's just so very funny I thought I'd share. Via Boing Boing, Jesus poker chips. Brad originally focused on the words at the top without fully encompassing the picture, so he read "Don't Accept Jesus" - absolutely not the point they were trying to get across.

Ming has a new jacket he bought with his birthday dollars. It's very natty. Discuss.

For the bike enthusiasts in the crowd. Let it be known that Metallica's "Whiskey in the Jar", if pedalled to on a Cyclosimulator Cateye CS-1000 set for a 2% grade, wind fan enabled, mounted by a Bianchi Brava circa 1989, large frame, slight warp, Shimano Biopace drive system (52) and Shimano 105 shifting components, with a very stretched chain, in 11th gear, warrants a cadence that approximates an average speed of 17.9 miles per hour (for just over five minutes). This is information that should be stored somewhere in a database of information that will never be repeated by another human being.

For Kyle and Adam. I have more or less given up most computer gaming for the most part, although lately has been an exception, hence my lack of blogging time (and I won two $80 tickets to the Vancouver vs. The Wild game for Wednesday, so I was out that night as well. The score was 6-0, and I can say I saw Foy's first two league goals while the crowd chanted sieve, sieve, sieve, at the Vancouver net). Kyle loaned me a copy of Bard's Tale for the Playstation, a remake of the original Bard's Tale I played on my monochrome Compaq portable with the six inch, built in screen, for hours at a time, but nothing like it at all, except for the bard and his singing. It's hilarious, with drunken bar singing about the man who invented beer (rhymes with Hops) and goblins doing Backstreet Boys dance moves while singing Oompa-Loompa like songs about how it sucks to be you. I have also been playing the computer equivalent of a board game, War, Age of Imperialism (I picked up several copies for my friends on the cheap), which is great because you don't have to be in the same room as the board gamers, and you don't have to set up all the pieces and then hide the board from the cat if you don't finish. We finally finished the first game after several months, so here is the screen to rub in the fact that I kick ass.

For me: I went to breakfast this morning at the Original Pancake House in Edina with my friend Mike, who I haven't seen since he had his second kid (and for some time before that). I had the two eggs and hashbrowns, the former perfectly done over medium, the latter mixed with some onion and the perfect vehicle for sopping up the yolks of the former. And three pancakes. And so much coffee I was bouncing. So I would like to point out that there is absolutely no reason at all for this (below). Perkins? You have Perkins as #2. Above the Egg and I, Hell's Kitchen, Louisiana Grill, Longfellow, and just about every other breakfast joint in town. I am officially repulsed by the lot of you. There's no excuse, unless you all live south of the river where there just aren't any options. You claim to be civilized and simply cannot claim those things and still consider Perkins the number two breakfast eatery in Minneapolis/St. Paul...shame...shame!

Results of Mpls/St.Paul Magazine 2005 Readers Poll for Best...

1. Keys Cafe
2. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
3. The Original Pancake House
4. (tie) The Egg & I; Hell’s Kitchen

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