Friday, October 14, 2005

Beer Box Kitties

Rew over at Power Liberal has a picture of an unnamed, yet presumably family, cat in a Summit box. I'm going to break a rather firm rule, and actually do my own bit of catblogging because, 1.) they're both liberal kitties and 2.) they're both supporting Minnesota beers (I have both Summit Oktoberfest and Schell's Oktoberfest in my beer fridge at the moment), although Cleo is breaking form and drinking a bit of Wisconsin as well.

Please go give Mean Mr. Mustard's kitty, Rambis, some fond parting words as well. Rambis was around for Mr. Mustard (who's not so mean when he's really sad about his cat) for sixteen years, and I'm sure he's seen Mr. Mustard through good times, bad times and all those momentous changes in his career and family. I imagine when your cat has been a permanent fixture of your life for so long, it really is like losing a good friend or family member. He was around to see us off on several Bike Classics, and was involved in my mistaken assumption that Mean Mr. Mustard was the biggest geek in the world for naming his cat RAMbus, as opposed to just a big California sports geek.

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