Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Us and Them", from "Dark Side of the Moon"

Tild is right, this is worth clicking over to see - Driftglass from Chicago made a montage of pictures interspersed with the words to "Us and Them" by Pink Floyd. Primarily an emotional outlet for Driftwood, but also a good idea for spurring discussion, as is evident in the dozens of comments.

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Moses said...

Good to see someone else notices Tild's good finds. Her own image creations are quite a treat, too.

I'm sure you've heard that, if you play Dark Side of the Moon while watching The Wizard of Oz (with the sound off), you will be in for a trippy treat. Maybe that's what Bush and Company have in mind by running their administration to the lyrics of "Us and Them?" With any luck, they'll skip right to the last song and resign.