Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Wife Went to a Jim Jarmusch Movie and All I Got Was This Lousy Post

Pooteewheet went to Broken Flowers without me, leaving me to some quality time with Eryn followed by the sense that I don't really have any plans since she went to bed. I notice that most blogs seem to celebrate the fact that they pass 500 posts - I could mention I did that, but it was a week ago. Most also seem to celebrate their one year anniversary, but that was really at the end of July. It also seems bloggy to discuss your "accomplishments" as a blogger - meeting bloggers at Liberally Drinking, misattributing posts in various bloggers' mobblogs and guest postings (MNObserver), getting quoted on Orcinus, getting noted on Jesus' General and making the blog of the day on The Blotter (but really, I mean, I submitted it), finally losing my primo spot at the top of the MNSpeak aggregator, and topping 1000 hits per month on average. But then I notice, after reading The Rake and doing some research that Avatan, "Minnesota's Largest and Most Friendly Nudist Club" (check it out for the illustrations - they look like something out of the Word Perfect image gallery, circa 1992), has a hit counter almost a quarter million hits long and any webby accomplishments don't seem quite as spectacular, particularly as they get most of the Google hits for +bonsai +nudist (watch out, here I come), followed closely by an article discussing how being a Bonsai tree does not make you a good Christian, but that Christians do have nudist camps of their own. I think Eryn would fit right in, as she's been shifting to training pants and spent the day running around peeking in the back and annoucing "There's Eryn's butt!" However, I would like to mention to Tall Brad, who has a chili festival in the works, that Avatan has chili cookoffs now and then, followed by a nude art show and then nude dancing (though no nude Texas Hold 'em as far as I could tell, but that means there's a need). Please disinvite me from the chili cookoff list when it comes to that, it's enough for me that I cook my chili in the nude.


Steve Eck said...

Wow. I'm not sure I've ever seen a 'happy birthday to my blog' post that was quite as rambling and completely devoid of any sort of formatting.

Regardless, congratulations on your year anniversary, and hitting 500 posts.

On a different note, I think MNSpeak's aggregator should show the most recent posts at the top, rather then a strictly alphabetical listing. And that isn't even bitterness about having a blog with a title starting with 'S', since I'm not even on the list.

It just seems like that would be more useful then having to search through a list of 170 blogs to find recently updated ones.

Scooter said...

It's nice when I achieve my goals (the rambling). I actually agree about the MNSpeak Aggregator, although it'd be more interesting if it "rotated" so that Powerline or something similar wasn't always at the top because there's a post every ten minutes. You can just sumbit your blog to the aggregator yourself - Rex is pretty pleasant.