Monday, September 12, 2005

Leftovers - Presidential Wax Museum and the Jebus Horse

This (picture below) has been serving as my bookmark for the last month. While on vacation in South Dakota, I had a habit of picking up tourist information for places I absolutely did not want to go. The National Presidential Wax Museum was one such place. The "Wand Narration System" frightens me, let alone the (unpictured) promise of "George W. to George W." But the accompanying photograph is just wrong. There's the fireman, in jacket and jeans - soiled workclothes - looking up at the Twin Towers as they fall. There's GW staring ahead at the camera, nattily attired in fitted, spotless black dress pants and suede presidential sports jacket. I hope they replace it with that fishing in New Orleans picture or the guitar picture. It would be slightly less embarrassing. As for the "Holy Terror Mini Golf", somehow that just seems appropriate. I expect the "hit the ball in Frist's" mouth at the end is hilarious.

In the better late than never category, this is a final picture from the Minnesota State Fair. Pooteewheet took it because it made her chuckle. You know you're dedicated to your Jebus-fish medal/bumper sticker when you brand it to your horse's ass. You have to wonder if one of the horses in a nearby stall had the fish with legs.

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