Thursday, September 08, 2005

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

I know I'm a little slow up on the uptake now and then, which is probably why I'd never seen this site before today (I'm not entirely sure where I saw the link, but probably at Norwegianity). Plenty of other similar sites, just not this one - The Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, complete with links to press releases. So, just in case you weren't paying attention because it seemed like death in New Orleans is overshadowing everything:
  • 11 Americans and 2 UK soldiers already dead this month (as of yesterday)
  • 1895 Americans dead in the 904 days of the war
  • 95 UK soldiers dead
  • 101 dead from other coalition countries
  • 2091 total dead
  • 7549 Wounded and returned to duty w/in 72 hours
  • 6813 wounded and not returned to duty within 72 hours
  • PTSD...?

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PTW said...

See, I knew you didn't read my blog! I've linked to this site more than once.