Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ride of the Mergansers

My friend Steve/Buckwheat, who I met on a BBS back when they were sort of cool because the inter-link didn't really exist yet (and don't get me started about how it was him who got me interested in programming by giving me a modem script he used to simulate a human on an MMORPG), and I last really talked back when he was just moving into his new cabin. Well, by installing cameras all over the place in order to catch the local ducks at their duckiest, Steve parlayed that cabin time into "Ride of the Mergansers", a documentary that's been making the rounds of the film festival circuit over the last year and recently played in Duluth. His site describes the action:
"The Hooded Merganser is a rare and reclusive duck found only in North America.
Every spring, in the Great Lakes region, the wary hen lays and incubates her eggs in a nest high in the trees. Just 24 hours after hatching, the tiny ducklings must make the perilous leap to the ground below to begin life in the wild. This age-old rite is rarely observed by humans."

Steve assures me they'll be showing the film on PBS sometime in the new future, so watch for it, or, if you're really into ducks/nature, you can buy it at his site for $12 (+$2 SH), a veritable steal.

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