Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Last Weekend - Sushi and Comedy

I left it up to Pooteewheet to blog about last weekend's sushi at Origami (the Wahoo was absolutely delicious) and our outing to see comedian Nick Swardson. So if you're interested in a sushi review, please redirect yourself. Her timing on the post was perfect, because she talks about her problem with the octopus balls a mere day before The Blotter (via Pharyngula) posted a link to a story about eating live octopus tentacles at The Prince in LA (Korean food, LissyJo - maybe we can have it next Thanksgiving!)
"This is an entity that does not want to be eaten alive, dead or otherwise.
This is, perhaps, even a thing that would happily take you down with it if it
were big enough. This food hates you and what you did to it! "

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Anonymous said...

That *kind of* made me feel like I had to Heimlich a piece of stuck tentacle out of my esophagus. I thought I was proven to be a true Korean by actually liking kim-chee…I don’t think I could prove my bloodlines with live tentacles.