Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lance, the Tour and the St. Paul Bike Classic

Rather than regurgitate anything about Lance Armstrong and the Tour, which ends tomorrow, I'd like to point you to After School Snack's nice write up about what will undoubtedly be his seventh win, including links to bike technology, Armstrong's greatest moments, and even his (amusing) tactics. If you haven't been following the Tour at all, you've been missing a chance to watch some well-deserving Americans really showing their moxy.

If you like to bike, and the Tour has you in a mood, might I suggest you take the time to get in your early registration for the St. Paul Bike Classic. There's still a week left to get in at the lower fee. The route is about a 30 mile loop around St. Paul (there's actually a 15 miler up Ramsey Hill if you prefer your rides short and exhausting - in the past you've gotten a button for making it to the top. I'd like to point out, however, that if my very pregnant sister and retired father could make it up last year, so can everyone else) and most of the route is closed to traffic, making it that much more fun. In the past, I've seen no less then one squirrel who rather than be squashed, learned to fly, a woman run over a street sign in front of a policecar and then run away while he shook his head and continued to watch the ride, the biggest dead snake I've ever seen in Minnesota, a guy dressed like a silver condom, and so many happy bikers that you can't help but be happy yourself. (link, once again, for good form)


Anonymous said...

After reading this post with its many informative links, the only thing I have stuck in my head is wondering how a turtle can possibly ride a bike. At the very least this would prove to be a very complex ergonomic challenge for bike designers. Perhaps some sort of recumbent design would be the way to go?

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that john did *not* make it up the hill, and even though pregnant, i can kick many a ass on a bike--Even yours, scooter!!!