Saturday, July 23, 2005


"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity but they've always
worked for me." - Hunter S. Thompson

I needed some beer for gaming today, and noticed at the Cellars a four pack of "Gonzo Imperial Porter", brewed in honor of Hunter S. Thompson, tagged with his quote "Good people drink good beer", and offering the strong selling point that my purchase would help fund The Gonzo Memorial Fist. The beer itself is, as you'd expect an Imperial Porter, very heavy - and not something you want to be drinking either right before bed or on the porch in the 95 degree heat. But it's a delicious Imperial Porter and that's good enough to me.

But wait...there's more. So much more. I followed the link to the Flying Dog Ales site and their page about Gonzo beer where they explain the history and interaction of the brewery and the beer and inform me, via another page, that if I'm proactive, I can procure a $95 collector's bottle that possibly contains a golden ticket (like in Willy Wonka) allowing me to go to a dedication of the Fist with Johnny Depp (like a surreal Willy Wonka) and watch Hunter's ashes get blown out a cannon (not really at all like Willy Wonka). That's cheaper and better than a tank ride, though the outcome is obviously not a given. Still, the odds are better than the raffle ticket I buy from the local elementary every year, and the prize is much more interesting than a DVD player I don't need.

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