Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wherefore Art Thou, Scooter?

On Sunday I biked 37+ miles round trip to Como Park so that I could squeeze in both a bike ride and see my nephew at the zoo - no, he's not in a cage or an exhibit - he was just in town with my sister-in-law and at the carousel.

After I got home, we went in search of a new laptop - something that would actually support Office 2003. That's where I've officially been for over two days - booting it up, finding out it had a bad pixel on the screen, having Pooteewheet return it (shame on you sneering Geek Squad guy - you wouldn't keep a machine with a bad pixel yourself, don't be holier-than-thou about someone else not liking it either), then rebooting it up, having Pooteewheet make recovery CDs, and then downloading the hundreds of megs of patches and files necessary to patch Office 2003, update all the virus utilities and patch Windows XP, all at about 45.2 kbps - significantly faster than the modem downstairs which never seems to crest about 38 kbps, go figure.

Primarily it's meant to be a business machine. But we use our aggregator to watch business-related issues as well, and theoretically, it's possible someone could come across my blog or Pooteewheet's blog and decide we were interesting in a businessy sort of way. Call it advertising. Now if the coffee shop with wifi were only half-a-mile closer...

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