Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kids' book on evolution stirs censorship debate in Monticello

My friend Katie sent me the following link about our mutual home town, Monticello, MN.

With its lavish illustrations of colorful, cuddly critters, "Our Family Tree" looks like the kind of book kids keep by their bedside to read again and again.

But when its St. Paul author, Lisa Westberg Peters, planned to talk about the book in classroom appearances today and Friday at a Monticello, Minn., elementary school, educators got cold feet.

Peachy - I'm so very proud to have been their valedictorian. I'm much prouder that my daughter won't be going to school there.


MeanMrMustard said...

And yet, I bet that if you challenged them teaching something demonstrably incorrect, such as "Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves," or "Bill and Hillary Clinton were implicated in a crooked land deal," they'd chase you out of their meeting with baseball bats.

Anonymous said...

It is getting scarry in our country with american rights. The minority is dictating the rights of the masses. The latest example is the church in the South that ousted its members who did not vote for Bush. Since 9-11 our rights are fastly being removed. If you live in the Southern States, you see what it is like to live in foregin countries. On the roads and freeways you go through check points with officers wearing guns and asking if you are a US citizen where you came from and where are you going. I have seen this in Korea, Japan, Mexico, New Gunia, India and a few other world countries. I usualy do not get into politics and Nod to Nothing will be supprised. John