Thursday, May 19, 2005

Donut Blogging

So, rather than the usual bagels I bring for treat day, I decided to go unhealthy and try the Puffy Cream donut store in Eagan that sits between me and work when I take the Eagan backroads past Blue Cross/Blue Shield onto Yankee Doodle. I was pleasantly surprised at having a good variety available at 6:50 a.m. and not getting lectured about pre-ordering donuts (I once was chewed out by a donut lady in Richfield because I wanted two dozen donuts and hadn't placed an order the night before - she also told me I had to take x number of cake donuts for every x number of fancy donuts). However, one thing struck me as strange. If you want a dozen cake donuts at the donut shop, it costs $5.50. If you want a dozen non-cake donuts (those with custard/jelly in the center, cinnamon, etc), it costs $6.50 a dozen. If you get a mixture of cake and fancy donuts, it costs $6.75. Apparently there's a donut tax for making the donut lady try to fit your mixed-size donuts into a box. I'd be better off buying two boxes of a dozen instead of one with two-dozen, one box of cake donuts, and one of fancy donuts - it would cost me $12.00 instead of $13.50 and, actually, I'd be even better off focusing entirely on non-cake donuts for $13.00 and screwing over anyone at work who preferred cake donuts (although I myself ate a cake donut this morning - but I could have bought just one). Considering Mr. Mustard complained about me not bringing bagels immediately upon meeting him this morning, I think he really deserved a reduced selection of treats.

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