Friday, April 08, 2005

This Post is By Mean Mr. Mustard

Klund notes that Mean Mr. Mustard doesn't blog sufficiently for his tastes. In an effort to help, I am donating my blogging time today toward helping to fill his quota. This is his summary for yesterday (because I had to wait until he was done).

I was in a crabby mood today because I didn't bike to work - I thought I'd get to bike with Emma gone, but I've been having romantic family breakfasts instead. Scooter bought me some good coffee, however, and it was treat day (I had a difficult time telling the apple muffin from the cream cheese muffin, visually) - almost makes up for him going on a Summit brewery tour without me. Closed a lot of tracker issues. My wife isn't feeling well. I'm not feeling well either - allergies probably. It's a bad portent for getting Emma's room painted in time, before she comes home. Worked on some Worth entries for a while. Worried about whether the reorg will affect CDFFL. Gave Klund a hard time about an email he sent around about blocking a WNBA player, mostly because I liked to see "I'm a stud" as the subject line on emails from me. I wrote a PERL script to change Scooter's responses to "re: "I'm not a stud" as they hit my mailbox. Hilarious. Scooter compared Klund to a cross between me and Tall Brad. That's simply untrue - Klund is a cross between Timothy McVeigh and some guy I've seen over in the other tech area. Unbeknownst to me, Tall Brad went to Chipotle without me, the ass. When Emma comes home, I'll have to go back to making a decision about whether to park in the front lot or the back lot - I dread being a front lot person - that's where porn guy keeps his truck. I don't read my porn on the way to work, I shouldn't have to share his lot.

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klund said...

Dammit, MMMustard, don't you have your own blog for crap like this?