Friday, April 08, 2005

This Post is by Mean Mr. Mustard - Friday

In my ongoing effort to provide some much-needed blogging for Mean Mr. Mustard, I present his Friday...

So, yesterday, Scooter was talking about criticism and how "some people" (he's always saying that - I think he means "me" in most cases) say that it's a rather low form of criticism or critique to refer to something by just comparing it to something else or, more specifically, two something elses (he was talking about Sin City). Well, I was thinking about it all day, and it gave me the weirdest dreams. I dreamt about what it would be like if you crossed Erik and Scooter, Erik and Tall Brad, Scooter and Tall Brad, Klund and Erik, Klund and Scooter and Klund and Tall Brad. Can you imagine that, Klund and Tall Brad? It'd be this guy who looked like Timothy McVeigh, but fourteen feet tall with an addicition to burritos and a fear of commitment to anything less than two women, but only after he'd had their children. And what if you crossed that with Scooter and Erik? We're talking 20+ feet of liberal, bearded, McVeigh-like, Wilco-listening, Summit-swilling, poker-obsessed, lesbian-intoxicated, caffeine-addicted, sheer annoyance. But at least I'd only have to buy one burrito for their birthday. And I know what you're thinking - no, it wasn't a wet dream, so just shut the hell up.

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