Monday, April 04, 2005

Sunday - Bacheor Day #3

Finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in the morning, thinking to myself, it's really early to be watching a movie and "why is it so bright?" Duh. One of the nice things about modern appliances is that many of them reset themselves, so it was obvious a little while later that I wasn't up at 6:30 but 7:30. I really liked Eternal Sunshine - very Philip K. Dick-ian (although more cheerful) - which was appropriate, because I spent most of the rest of the day sitting outside, on my driveway, reading science fiction stories and "Out" and one of them was actually the Philip K. Dick story that Screamers was based on (good story, bad movie).

I did take a break to go on a 12.2 mile bike ride - 4.5 mile to a chipotle burrito (took my book so I could read) and then 7.7 back - I took a detour down into my architect/lead's neighborhood because I had noticed the nice houses last time I was there and wanted to get a look at them (I don't need one, but I like to look). Did you know that it's possible, if you have enough money, to own a garage that you can park a extended trailer home in, lengthwise, along the back, with plenty of room for, oh, four more cars? With people like that living north of me, how did they ever get permission to point a runway in my direction?

In the end, I was actually outside long enough to get a slight bit of sunburn/windburn on my face.

Pooteewheet and Eryn came home around 7:00 p.m. Eryn got a new wood piano and encouraged me to sit around and "sing twinkle twinkle little star again, Dadddy" while she banged away, about 10 or 20 times. She was in a really good mood for someone who'd been cooped up in a car all the way from Chicago.

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