Monday, April 04, 2005

Satuday Night - Day #2

Sorry these are a little behind the times - I don't normally touch the computer much while my wife isn't around. I suppose that makes me sort of the opposite of most programmers and/or perverts, but such is the case.

Saturday was gaming day. I met Dan at my place and we drove up to Kyle's in Maple Grove to a.) have breakfast (the cheese in my omelet needed to be meltier, but we finally got to try the place Kyle has been telling us is good for over a year - usually it's either 1.) empty and closed or 2.) surrounded by so many police cars it's a bit unnerving ), b.) play board games and gamble a bit (modified the rules to Age of Mythology with good results - we made all the goals end of turn instead of end of game, Matthew won; played Settlers of Cataan; and played poker and in-between which had over a $40 pot at one point which is always bad news for everyone involved) and c.) drink (during which time I received a call from my mother on my cell phone who, after talking to me about water goblets and being disgusted I couldn't give her a number as to how many were at my house, like most guys can, told me to take a cab home - fortunately it was pretty early in the day and I was done drinking not much later so I had hours and hours to sober up).

I did indeed talk Kyle into sushi at Sushi Tango at the Uptown Mall and even Dan went (he's traditionally anti anything not meat and potatoes), although with predictable anti-sushi results. On the way there (we were in two cars as Maple Grove and Eagan aren't in good proximity) Dan dug through my glove compartment to clean up all my trash and snoop a bit. A couple of minutes later an object goes flying out the window and Kyle quickly backs his Mustang off to avoid being hit - a few other throws follow, but it's obviously nothing car-damaging. When we get to the parking lot I ask if he knows what Dan threw to which he responded, "well, it had a string, was it a tampon?", in response to which Dan and I laughed a lot. It's excellent to know that acting like a sixteen year old is still possible without much effort at all. Dan did make sure to leave behind one emergency tampon in the box.

The Sushi was great (Kyle found Dan some kabobs to actually get him to eat beyond a few bites). I hadn't had much fish egg before and the Wasabied fish eggs were sinus-blowing - literally, I thought I was going to have to do something about my nose. We mosied around Uptown for a while, to the book store and such, while Dan had a smoke outside - he ended up calling Pooteewheet in Chicago to tell her we'd ditched him and he needed my cell number. We pointed out that we had indeed ditched him and were all of about 50 yards away. I'm pretty sure it was the 25 oz. Japanese beer that pushed him into that extremely tired place.

Then home, to watch half of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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