Friday, April 22, 2005

Seize Orlando Bloom's Sword

I happen to know that Mean Mr. Mustard's wife thinks Orlando Bloom is dreamy. I'm pretty sure that means he should Seize A Sword Signed by Orlando! If it's not phallic enough for Orlando to be auctioning off toy swords, there's special attention given to the fact that they've been subjected to his John Hancock.

You can click here to bid, Mr. Mustard. Make sure your bid is the highest of the two, because there's a definite qualitative difference between the swords, and only the high bid gets first pick:

On one sword, he writes: "Peace and Love in the Kingdom of Heaven. Orlando Bloom." Written on the second sword: "Peace in the Kingdom of Heaven."


MeanMrMustard said...

You're all confused and stuff. She's into Viggo.

Scooter said...

If you're going to get busy with Aragorn, you have to get busy with Legolas and Gimli too - they're inseparable as a band of companions. Unfortunately, you have to worry about the whole lot of them - which should worry you, because those hobbits seem to be freaky, bi-sexual bed bouncers.