Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Celebration Time, Come On!

Pooteewheet always gives me a hard time about my obsessive reading of the local paper, particularly as there's usually nothing more exciting in it than recurring stories about coyotes eating pets, teenagers getting in fights or getting killed, and locals getting married (including couples from work). However, there's a special "Holy Week Directory" in the Eagan Sun Current this week, and I believe it's important to point it out because there are so many exciting choices to worry about for your Easter Sunday.

The Celebration Church is offering an exciting sermon on "Why Did Jesus Suffer?" with musical guest Ian Lindsy. I hope Ian's an excellent musician, because anything you play for the audience after the nailing to the cross part is going to seem somber. Maybe he knows how to do a cover of Amy Grant's Galileo. And, if Jesus' suffering set to music isn't enough to get you worked up over Easter, it gets better. There's also a sermon on "How the Resurrection Rocked the Religious World!" (their !, not mine) with musical guest and "Minnesota Idol" winner Mark David Williams (you know he's a Christian singer because he uses his middle, Christian name). Doesn't being the Minnesota Idol winner basically mean you're not as good as all the people from American Idol, not to mention all the people who won in any state idol from a state significantly larger than Minnesota (sort of like when I lived in Monticello and we had to play tennis against St. Cloud Apollo or St. Cloud Tech - our number one player and their number one player were alike in number only). For some reason it reminds of high school, when there was that contest to see which school would get a free concert from Limited Warranty - they were from Minnesota and they'd been on Star Search! The River Hills United Methodist church is having not one, but two reenactments of The Last Supper (think about it, it's really funny). There will also be two EGGstravaganzas locally - don't I wish I'd put some sort of patent on that phrase! And, not least, just last, Bloomington Baptist will be having a tour with ten (10) "multi-sensory stations" depicting the events leading up to the crucifixion. "Journey to the Cross" takes 60 minutes - not quite as long as The Passion of the Christ, but probably not in the original Aramaic either, so you won't have to read any subtitles. Additionally, on a truly positive note, they do say "leading up to the crucifixion", so at least one of the multi-sensory stations is unlikely to be actually getting nailed to anything - I make no guarantees about whether they'll make you wear thorns or poke you with a spear.

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Steve Eck said...

Linzy and my mom actually went to some sort of speech/event/seminar thing featuring Mark David William's mother.

She apparently has a book about her experience with Mark's rehabilitation after being in a head-on car accident with an underaged drunk driver in Nashville.

Now, they didn't go because it was the mother of the Minnesota Idol winner, and it is odd that someone I had never heard of before last week pops up twice in a week.