Monday, March 14, 2005

As long as we're pondering my geeky past

I started moving all of the old files off of my oldest computer onto the newest one tonight. I have all the files I've ever had (i.e. word processor documents, spreadsheets, databases, pictures, scans, etc.) I've had on all my computers since as far back as about 1985 when I owned a COMPAQ portable (the kind that looked like a suitcase with the tiny little green screen and the full-sized keyboard folded up into the front). It's really a rather frightening collection of documents. So, among the gems are all sorts of old Dungeons and Dragons character sheets that can prove horrible things about my past and my penchant for DM-ing. That's right...I was a white-haired, single black diamond earring wearing, wizard/thief, red dragon speaking, Atlantean Dwome with a girdle of fire giant strength riding a giant frog named Glenda. How far I've fallen.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Character

Player Name: Scott
Char Name: Lorrow Halfgnome
Class: Invoker/Evoker
Race: (WAS Dwome) Dwarf
Sex: Male
Level: 9/9 (x4 back)
XP: 236519/235678

Deity: *Berronar Truesilver (Dwarven)
Alignment: Lawful Good (LN)
Secondary Skill:
Bowyer/Fletcher (98%) &
Teamster/ Freighter (90%)
Alemaking (33%) working on
Social Rank: Upper Middle
Father: Shipwright

12 STR:
18 INT: (76%) (96% learn/remember - 20 spells/level)
11 WIS:
17 DEX: (+2 missile/-3AC)
17 CON: (96%SS, 97%RS; +2 HP Bonus)
14 CHA: (+1 loyalty/+2 reaction)
8 COM:
10% Godcall

Age: 68 (1)
Height: 3'0"
Weight: 90#
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White
POB: Atlantae
DOB: 3/23/979
Armor Class: 1
Armor Worn: COP+2/Gaunlets AC4
Rear AC: 2
Hit Points: (4+3+3+4+3+2+3+5+3+8 Frog) = 56 (includes +18 for CON)
HD Type: d4+d6/2

Jeweled Dagger: 1d4
Dagger: 1d4
Sword: 1d10 (home)
Sword: 1d10 (home)
Sword: 1d10+2 magical
Axe: 3d4

Dagger: 1d4+1 magical
Short Bow: 1d6+2 mag
Quiver: 30 arrows
6 slowing arrows

LANGUAGES: Common, Atlantean, Cant, Red Dragon, beholder, 5 others

Standard: Iron rations (2), Belt, Boots, Cap, Cloak, Robe, Winter Clothes

Wine Skins (4)
Oil Skins (3) - oil
50 feet of rope
Spikes (10)
Lantern (Bullseye)
6 torches
+2 cloak of protection
1 Potion of Extra Healing3d8+3
Boots of Climbing (90%)
Potion of Giant Growth (1)
Gauntlets AC4
Girdle of Fire Giant Strength, +4 to hit/+10 damage, can throw 170# 10 yds. (stole)
WIZARD AXE (+1 Mag./Silver): Area effect spells +5%/level. Opponents save at -1 vs. all spells cast. If breaks, revert to 7th level. (Changed by Berronar)

• Glenda (Lorrow's familiar, a giant frog, 5' high at back).
Lvl=2; AC=6; HP=16; Attack 2d4. Adds 8hp to my total.
Saddle, Harnass, Bridle, Saddle Bags, Bit (14 CON)

MP: 14
PP: 18
GP: 101

Rosalind still owes me 1500gp
SP: 29
CP: 57
EP: 49
2 Black Diamond Earrings (5,000gp/ea) - wears 1
Black Diamond Ring (10,000gp) - wears
Flawless Emerald Ring (25,000gp) - on person
Black Diamond Necklace (25,000gp) - bought off Bort


• 36'x72' bow and arrow store at Kapesh (Nargoth Pass)
(cost 6,600gp) - 700gp/mo. income (>Started March,1045)
Pd. through > October 1046
• 100'x100' house @ Nargoth Pass (cost 3,000gp) - 3400gp
• Coaster (boat) - Cost 5,000 gp - Saves for first year (through
November 1046) - makes 28,900 gp first year. Named it
The Bobbing Cork

Invocation/Evocation - opponent saves at -1
Greater Divination/Necromancy on either side of my school.
+1 SKILL/-1 to opponents' saves for staff/+5% per level for area)

Level 1 (4)
1.) Magic Missile (1d4+1)
2.) Wall of Fog (40' cube, 2d4+1 rnd./level)
3.) Comliness (see p. 21 of Netwizard)
4.) Alpha's Acid Stream-1d4/lvl., save for half (save for items) - (p.15 netwizard)
5.) Color Spray - blindness or unconsiousness
6.) Identify

Level 2 (3)
1.) Web
2.) Arcane Bolt - 1d6+1/lvl. - opponent can save for full.
3.) Stinking Cloud (save vs. nausea for 1d4+1 rounds)
4.) ESP
5.) Detect Alignment

Level 3 (3)
1.) Windsmite (1d4+1/lvl)
2.) Fireball (1d6/lvl)
3.) Melf's Minute Meteors
4.) Feign Death
5.) Word (1d2 dam./lvl) - TSR 30 min/lvl
6.) Lightning Bolt

Level 4 (2)
1.) Ice Storm
2.) Dig
3.) Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
4.) Wall of Ice

Level 5 (1)
1.) Summon Shadow

Level 6

Pick Pockets: 95%
Open Locks: 51%
Find/Remove Traps: 31%
Move Silently: 42%
Hide in Shadows: 31% (+5% for size)
Hear Noise: 31%
Climb Walls: 31%
Read Languages: 31%
Detect All: 31%

Stole: (caught 3 times in Tietia-20% suspicion rate)

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