Monday, March 28, 2005

Blue v. Red

I knew that in the last election, Eagan was a little more evenly split than anyone expected - I was just startled to see that the divisions carried over onto the Blackhawk playground. The red play area is full of bird crap inside, rather run down, imposes authoritarian rules/propaganda on children ("Playshaper!"), and is the venue of children cast off from the other play area because of their inability to socialize with pleasant children (it also has a convenient bowl in which to deposit your money for the children who live in the half million dollar-plus houses that surround the area). The blue play area, on the other hand, seems more concerned with the real needs of children, more prosperous and spreading into the outlying areas of the park, the home of a multiculturally diverse group, and anchored on two coasts/towers instead of just sitting there in a heartland configuration. You might worry that Eryn is hanging in the red play area, but it's not really her fault - she became momentarily confused by the private account retirement calculator.

(clickable picture)


llawrat said...

It seems that the a lot of money ( tax dallors)had been put into the blue area to draw Eryn in. Yet she was drawn to the red area with its simple functionality.

Scooter said...

Apparently, governors of red states no longer agree with that assessment of their ideology.

"The Washington Post reports Governor Bill Owens (R-CO) is reversing his low-tax, limited-government philosophy. Also in the past two years, Republican governors including Nevada's Kenny Guinn, Idaho's Dirk Kempthorne, Georgia's Sonny Perdue and Ohio's Bob Taft have dumped no-new-taxes pledges to push for major new revenue and increased state spending."