Monday, February 07, 2005


Unfortunately, it looks like Dr. James Dobson is now dispensing advice for Larry and I to keep in mind in the upcoming years...come to think of it, Kevin too... (from World O' Crap)

But first, here's some advice for the parents of teens from Dr. James Dobson:

I strongly recommend that parents of strong-willed and rebellious females, especially, quietly keep track of the particulars of their daughters’ menstrual cycles. Not only should you record when their periods begin and end each month, but also make a comment or two each day about moods.


PTW said...

I'm sorry, I'm too busy vomiting in disgust at the gall this man displays to fume about what ****ing gall the man displays.

klund said...

Sorry, but I'm too busy cleaning up one night's (and two kids') worth of vomit to show the proper outrage to this story.

Anonymous said...

So that is where I went wrong raising a daughter! JD, I did not read enough books.

Scooter said...

Eryn was pretty crabby yesterday. I told Pooteewheet to log it on the fridge, but I don't think she did.