Thursday, January 06, 2005

What passes for stupid fun at my house

This note left for all visitors by Pooteewheet:

And this mug I bought for her that pretty much calls her ugly in not quite so many words. My friend Mike would probably love this picture as I'm often telling the story about how he was at a bar with Pooteewheet, myself and a bunch of other contractors and after a while stood up and announced, with my wife sitting right there, "I'm going to the end of the table with all the pretty women." One of the bigger mistakes of his life and a story that's told only slightly more often than the one about his neon pink bicylcing bibs, the accidential discovery that our wives are cousins and the redheaded waitress at Billibong's who wouldn't talk to him after she found out about his political leanings. His other big mistake was getting drunk enough to have this picture taken and letting me put it on my website with accompanying music. I'm pretty sure that's what the world looked like (and sounded like) to him when the picture was snapped.

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