Thursday, January 06, 2005

Scary Movies

Pooteewheet has been dying to go to a scary movie - not so long ago she was looking at Darkness, until I pointed out that RottenTomatoes had given it a rating beneath The Cranks. 4%. So I was going to recommend that if she felt better this evening, maybe she should go to White Noise, but I think the 00% rating just might be the lowest rating I've ever seen on RottenTomatoes - right there in the same range as Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever or House of the Dead, which we were both so so so unforunate enough to watch (I admit to it only because I posted my Netflix list in an earlier post).

Mr. Cranky doesn't really think much of Darkness either. He hasn't reviewed White Noise, but I expect it will get the big atomic explosion with the accompanying phrase " Proof that Jesus died in vain." if it really is a 0%.

1 comment:

PTW said...

Oh for crying out loud. Who told them to make all these shi**y movies, anyway?

I blame W.