Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Kevin blogged

"I know who the murderer is," Kevin blogged, the blood-stained knife clicking intermittently against the space bar. He frowned, wiping a concealing smear off the W and thanking some unknown deity for the coincidence that he was left-handed and the backspace key was on the right. He stared at the accusing blade in his hand, florescent light gleaming off the ichorous, tempered steel and giving an eerie tinge to the white background of the text entry box. Cursing his stupidity for not having thought of it earlier, he dropped the damning thing into the Hello Kitty waste bin next to the kitchen counter with a thump not so unlike a coffin settling into an earthen grave. “I’ve got better things to do,” he muttered to himself, closing the browser with a violent click, before simply sweeping the whole machine onto the linoleum floor. “I’ve got CDFFL.” But suddenly he realized it was all too late. Larry was gone, and now, looking at the wreckage on the floor, he knew that so was the last window into everything Larry had been. Sullenly he kicked at the circuits, causing the cooling fan to skitter under the fridge and drawing his attention to the bright blue magnetic B, left precipitously close to the ground by a wayward child, perched just above the protective grill as though all along it had intended to jump. A smile crept from one side of Kevin’s face all the way to the other as he carefully reached down and pulled the knife out of the bin, peeling a fruit snack wrapper off the sticky blade. Maybe he thought, just maybe, Brad has a backup.

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