Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Tree

Well, after much procrastinating, we finally have a tree up. Our procrastination was so great, in fact, that we were forced to find an artificial tree, the Boy Scouts and the local plant and tree seller having both packed up their conifers and gone home. But, our procrastination paid off in that our tree was a full 30% off at Target. We had talked about an artificial tree for some time anyway - I have lots of rafter space in the garage, we can't ever get ourselves to clean up the wayward needles, even over the course of a year (I think there are still some on the front step), and we're just not keen on destroying a tree every year, even if it is force grown from algae and the life force of a Boy Scout physically shunted into the sapling.

So, without further ado, our first artificial Christmas tree. Eryn was surprised to see that trees can come in boxes, as well as be made into them.

She lobbied for stopping right here and decorating instead. It was just her height.

Bell! Tree! Woof! Ahh....Ghost of Christmases to Come!

Little known fact about my family Christmas - the angel is not white. My mother spent a significant amount of time finding one that wasn't. Yesterday I was accused of being "the most PC" person in my group - I'm not sure if this supports that fact, or negates it. If anyone had been around the year I put a picture of my adopted (Korean) sister on top of the tree, they'd probably feel it was the later.

Certain forms of commercialism are not to be ignored - such as any form that promotes Marvin the Martian. As someone who wants to destroy earth with his death rays, he is the perfect saint of redemption to hang on your tree. If only I had a Bugs Bunny as Christ ornament. That's the Iludium-236 Explosive Space Modulator in his left hand.

Did I mention I have many Marvin the Martian ornaments?


And what tree would be complete without a thumbbody ornament from one's distant past. That's right - I posted my fingerprint on the web. Just try and use it - smudgy paper, covered by a bird, and totally lacking the several deep lines I put into both thumbs getting my carving merit badge - I bet the cops will laugh you out of town.

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