Monday, December 13, 2004

Freaky Literary Similarities

I'm currently reading Spin State by Chris Moriarty.  In the book, there are "constructed" people whose genesets are derived from Koreans.  This in itself is not strange.  However, the fact that the constructed Korean heroine is given a Little Mermaid statue sort of creeped me out because my sister is Korean and my father has been barraging her with Little Mermaid perephenalia since the movie came out.  I now have to deal with a picture of my sister as the heroine of my book, which is weird, because my sister is pregnant while the heroine in Spin State is running around coal mines on distant planets pondering relations with newer (female) constructs and (male) individuals serving as AI interfaces.  Shame on you Allison, that's no way to raise a child!

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