Sunday, October 17, 2004

You can be certain and be wrong

So I don't know what they're doing here, but there's this low-pitched buzzing noise in the background while I'm sitting in my cube, sort of reverberating through the ceiling panels and the walls - it sounds like the kind of noise you hear in horror movies that's designed to set your nerves on end. It's working - I keep looking around expecting the guy from Texas Chainsaw to show up, or perhaps the robotic thought police. Maybe it's a Harrison Bergeron thing; punish the guy who's working on the weekends so he won't show up anyone else (that's right, I picture myself as Harrison Bergeron - give me a pretty ballerina, you fools!).

On to the title quote:
Norwegianity and Chris Dykstra both have postings up about the new Ron Suskind article from the New York Times, "Without a Doubt" (link is to TruthOut so you don't have to log in to read it like you do with the New York Times, but if you prefer The New York Times: link). Scary, scary, frightening read. And Chris follows it up with a very funny video as a foil so you can wash off some of the creepiness of reading phrases like:

"blind man in a room full of deaf people"
"lack of curiosity about complex issues"
"He believes you have to kill them all"
"writ of infallibility"
and "open dialogue, based on facts, is not seen as something of inherent value".

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