Monday, October 11, 2004

A suggestion for anyone looking for something to do in Minneapolis in November

Pooteewheet and I actually had her parents sit last year while we went to the Get Real Documentary Film Festival with my sister. We hit three separate films all in one evening and they were all great - Hitler's Hat, about the army unit that found Hitler's top hat during World War II; a sort of two-part movie about the guys who created a Get Smart-like Saturday morning kids show called Lancelot Link based entirely around chimp spys (live action) and another part about a collector who collects Jewish sports figure memorabilia; and a third about prostitutes in Camboia/Thailand. This year's collection (November 4-10 at the Oak Street Cinema) looks no less interesting:

Not coming to a multiplex near you: bowlers, bloggers, brothel-born photographers, glam-rockers, head-shrinkers, winemakers, animators, Symbionese liberators, drama-queen documenters, Palestinian border-crossers, Midwestern warmongers, L.A. movie-lovers, indie-rock hipsters, and a self-described "curmudgeon" who's pissed about pretty much everything.
The festival contains 19 Minnesota premieres, including Army of One, I Like Killing Flies, Los Angeles Plays Itself, No. 17, and The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

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