Monday, October 11, 2004

Buying Republicanism by the Barrel?

Let's see:

Australia is worried about record oil prices.
India is worried about oil prices.
China is worried about oil prices.
England is worried about oil prices.
U.S. oil prices reach new records.

and yet, the price of a gallon of gas near my house in Minnesota is consistently under $2.00, even though it was over $2.00 in the summer when barrel prices were lower. It's almost as though they're unwilling to break that magical value, as though it might be bad news for someone, maybe someone with an election in several weeks. Hell, it might even invalidate the freaking Republican sign the local gas distributors have on their business overlooking Cedar/77 near my house. It's so nice when the global/national energy conspiracy pays a visit to your doorstep.

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