Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Art Institute

Pooteewheet, Eryn and I went to the Art Institute today to see The Art of Democracy exhibit with my sister. It wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped - mostly a single room with a lot of posters, but some of them were interesting. I particularly liked the entirely black U.S. flag, although it's a motif I've seen before, and I liked the rather commercial-looking poster that just had pictures of Kerry, Wellstone and anti-war posters from in front of houses throughout Minneapolis. My sister was pretty sure she recognized several of them as from her neighborhood. There were a couple of pro-Bush posters there as well, but they were few and far between and most seemed to be by a single artist.

As a side note, the Art Institute is on the list of KMWB 23 advertisers, the local Sinclair affiliate. So my sole act of rebellion today was not to pay them any "recommended donation" money because I know where it's going.

The most important thing we learned, and just in time for our trip to Chicago, is that our little girl is not ready for museums. Her experience consisted of running for the fountain inside the front doors and dipping her arm in, coat and all, and yelling "down down down down" until she made herself a little sick. On a positive note, the Institute has a playground, and at no point did she push over another kid's block construction and scream "crash!" (which happens at our house whenever I pile any two blocks together).

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