Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Who Has a Not-So-Secret Fetish?

So, AmericaBLOG notes that Bush is once again making fun of his opponent's hair (quote below) and gay baiting John Kerry and wonders what else he could be up to other than gay baiting. I think our leader has a real problem with Kerry and Edwards because of his fetish. On some level, their masculine, full-bodied, heads of hair offend his sensibilities - it's a turn off because he'd like to think that when he's loses the election, he's losing it to someone he finds personally arousing - one of these guys for instance.
I appreciate my running mate, Dick Cheney. (Applause.) He's a fine guy. I admit he doesn't have the prettiest hair do in the race. (Laughter.) I didn't pick him for his hair. (Laughter.) I picked him because he can get the job done. (Applause.) - President's Remarks at a Victory 2004 Rally in Lee's Summit, Missouri, White House

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