Thursday, September 23, 2004

Vote for John Kerry Because He Knows the Iron Head Style of Shaolin

I saw this picture of John Kerry on Wonkette and I laughed a lot because only last night I watched Shaolin Soccer via Netflix. As stupid as it is, it is an absolutely wonderful movie. The story basically involves six brothers. Each of the brothers knows a particular style of Shaolin martial arts: Iron Head, Iron Leg, Iron Arm, Iron get the picture. They form a soccer team devoted to defeating the nefarious Team Evil in the world championships. In the process, brother number two finds love in the form of a sweet buns baker who also knows martial arts and uses the power of Ying/Yang to create the sweetest sweety buns in town. Well, there's one scene when Iron Belly is playing soccer and gets the ball and it sticks to his stomach because of the power of his Shaolin style, and we see him running toward the goal to score. This looks like exactly what it is, a guy with a soccer ball glued to his belly running around a field - it was so Monty Python that both Poo-tee-wheet and I were laughing up a storm. I highly recommend it.


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klund said...

Speaking of Poo-tee-wheet, I just finished "Slaughterhouse-Five", thought you'd want to know.