Friday, September 24, 2004

Thursday Evening, Late

I had a terrifying evening yesterday.  I was going out to the kennel to let my dog, Sandy, back into the house, when I noticed some peculiar lights in the sky.  They were moving extremely fast and seemed somewhat strange, so I ran back inside and got my camera - as you can see, they were moving so quickly that I almost couldn't track them with my camera.
After a few minutes, they started moving at even higher speeds and with such sudden reversals of direction that I didn't believe they could be attributed to any aircraft with which I am familiar.  I wondered if I was seeing one of the aircraft the government was rumored to be working on - a mysterious flying wing or perhaps a new missile or missile defense test.
Whatever I thought they were at first, I stayed in the yard a little too long pondering, because they seemed to notice me and began to move much closer, a dim red light illuminating my back yard and setting Sandy and the rest of the neighborhood dogs to howling.  I thought I would see all my neighbors come out of their houses to see what was going on, but it was then I noticed that all their lights had gone out, and the sound of the dogs and a slight humming (which might have been felt more than heard) was all that I could hear.
They moved so close that I became uncomfortable and hid behind my shed, hoping that if they were attacking me, they'd get my dog first and I'd have time to run.  As they neared, I could see a strange, what seemed to be metal, globe with another glass globe protruding from the top settling toward my yard.  The humming continued, but there was no roar of rockets or even any heat.  The dogs grew silent and still, no neighbors appeared.
After several moments, the double globe landed in my back yard, and strange creatures, like giant worms or snakes, shining with brilliant light, exited the glasslike portion of the craft and began chasing each other around my back yard at breakneck speed, investigating all the nooks and crannies and momentarily hovering in the direction of Sandy and my neighbors dogs, as though sniffing.  My terror was mind numbing and it was only after what felt like excruciating minutes had passed that I realized, with a certain horror, that they weren't individual snakes, but a single creature with hundreds of numerous, glowing tentacles.  This wasn't a group of curious aliens or a government project, but rather a single cthulu-esque like old one - his arms brilliant lures, and at his center an inky black body of cold malevolence and hot hunger.
I flipped the catch on the dog kennel so Sandy could make a run for it, but purposefully didn't detach the cord on the run that keeps her from digging her way out, tricking her into causing a distraction.  As the creature pounced, I ran for the house.  It seemed to work, because the last I saw, the creature pulled Sandy into the glass ball with it, wrapping her so tightly in its tentacles that it seemed like a single point of light, and then returned to the skies.
Several long minutes passed during which I opened the door to my bedroom and hid in the outer bathroom, where I could make sure that if the creature came back and entered the house, it would find my wife instead of me.  But then the electricity came back on and several of our appliances beeped, and the neighbors' houses lit back up.  At the same time, the dogs started howling enough to wake the whole neighborhood, and this time it did seem to wake everyone.  I asked my wife if she had been awake or seen anything strange, and she told me to quit drinking and get in bed.  I thought that was the end of it.  But this morning, Sandy was back in her kennel....

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MeanMrMustard said...

I bet this never happened to you before you moved to the suburbs. Sucker. Never noticed how "ET" was set in the suburbs? And "Close Encounters"? And "Poltergeist"? And "The Goonies"? Okay, forget about that last one.