Monday, September 13, 2004

Some Bloggers (i.e. Next Blog)

Have even less to blog about than Klund. Don't follow the resulting links, it doesn't get any better.

Expanded: I played with the "next blog" link for a while - I got to read about Dinner at the Frobishers written like Australian nobility, posts by Colorado Teen Conservatives convinced that Teresa Hines Kerry needs plastic surgery and commemorating 9/11 with pictures of the WTC and the phrase "never never forgive", stories about God directing people to embrace missionary work, a few pages that looked like experiments to see how many words you could fit on a blank e-page, the tricks you can do in "Bust a Move 2" on the Playstation 1, some controversy about whether Bhudda's beliefs made him a cool dude or a participant in ego autoeroticism, confessions about not being sure about whether a fiancee is "the one", how to pick up college girls while waiting for the trolley, and more about teen angst then I care to hear about until Eryn is at least ten. There's far less sex then I would have expected or hoped for because at least that might have been interesting.

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