Sunday, September 05, 2004

Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown

Yes, I am reviewing it just a bit before Im completely done. And even though its taken me two tries to finally complete it, I would like to do nothing more as a review than to quote a few passages and let people make their own decisions about whether to read it - you can probably guess my impression of the book by my choice of passages. These are not the worst passages, merely a very small sampling of what I read and noted:

Behind him, the woman stirred.
The Hassassin turned. He considered letting her wake up. Seeing
terror in a woman
s eyes was his ultimate aphrodisiac []
I want
your strength preserved
.for me.

(p. 390-91)

He felt an unexpected emptiness
inside. Langdon had often heard that intense situations could unite two
people in ways that
together often did not. He now
believed it. In Vittoria
s absence he felt something he had not felt
in years. Loneliness. The pain gave him strength.

(p. 396-97)

From the darkness of the van the
Hassassin gazed out at his aggressor and couldn
t help but feel an
amused pity. The American was brave, that he had proven. But he was
also untrained. The he had also proven. Valor without expertise was
suicide. There were rules of survival. Ancient rules. And the
erican was breaking all of them. You had the advantage
the element of surprise. You squandered it.

(p. 412-413)

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