Tuesday, June 25, 2024

June 25, 2024

 I don't think I've ever titled a post with the date.  Seemed about time.  Honestly, a good post would probably include my comments on David Tennant's political "opponent" having the support of JK Rowling [a red flag if there ever was one], or this commentary from Chat GPT trying to spoof the last president's quote about his "wounds" that I rewrote for...

Me as a manager: "As a manager, my features have their fair share of bugs. If you were to examine closely, you'd see the scars everywhere. Underneath, though, lies a robust framework waiting to shine. I've encountered numerous setbacks—I've got more bugs than perhaps any manager out there."

>My brother who is currently unemployed: "I've got gaps all over my resume. If you scrutinize it closely, you'd notice plenty of holes. Despite that, I bring a wealth of potential and capability. I've faced setbacks and challenges—I've got more gaps than most job seekers out there."

My friend who started his service business: "I've got mistakes all over the merchandise I make. If you looked closely, you'd see imperfections everywhere. Despite that, I strive to deliver something beautiful. I've made plenty of errors—I've messed up more promotions than anyone else, I reckon."

Klund the pickleball obsessive: "I've got dinks and volleys all over me. If I took this shirt off, you'd see a decent player underneath, but also plenty of scars from my losses. I've been on the losing end more times than I care to count, I can tell you. Probably more than any other player out there."

But...hmm...formatting due to cut and paste...ignore it...my personal story today was I went to breakfast at Jensen's in Burnsville and at the end of breakfast realized I didn't have my keys.  I walked back to my car down at the park, retracing my steps, fully expecting my car to be gone.  But...still there.  Locked [so keys not inside] and no keys along my path.  I stood there looking resigned, and two park maintenance guys pulled up in a maintenance vehicle, "Hey, are you looking for car keys?"  Why, yes I am. "Our boss has them."  Twenty minutes later, he hands me the keys.  As far as I'm concerned, I shouldn't have done anything the rest of the day, because that was the sum total of any luck/fortune I had banked.  Shout out to the Burnsville park service.  You made my day.

[Post: I fixed the formatting as it was messing up the whole page and highlighting everything white, although that was the least of it].

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