Saturday, March 09, 2024

Key to the City: London

I am watching Rahdo's video Key to the City: London walkthrough, and the jerky camera action is making me sick to my stomach. At first I didn't realize why I wasn't feeling good. I briefly entertained, "Did Caribou give me tainted coffee?"

It's like The Blair Witch, but with London architecture [although The Blair Witch never made me nauseous like it did to many other people].

I paused and started the video twice and it got better. For Klund if he sees this, based on the bid/bluff/when-to-cut-and-run-for-benefit nature of this game, it's a lot more cutthroat than I expected for a touristy London game. It'll be a good game for after-hours Gameholecon gaming along the lines of Power Grid.

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