Sunday, February 25, 2024

Reading January/February 2024

I'm publishing my reading list for January/February a bit early so I don't lose it down behind a lot of other posts.  I aimed for 40/50 pages a day, which is really 50/day almost to the page not including the two graphic novels.  Oops, images before the day-to-day list this time, but that's ok.  It'll mix it up a bit.

I did actually get some other reading done as well given I have a whole week before March, but the book I'm reading is over 1000 pages, so I'm not deluded into thinking I'll finish before end of month. I wrote a separate post on Witch King.  Avoid the Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror Volume 4.  Some excellent writers in the collection, but not their best work imo.  Sanderson's writing is enjoyable.  As I understand it, I have two books left in that series and the fifth one comes about November 2024?  I better read them more slowly.

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