Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Brews, Books, and Bicycling 2024 - Quixotic

Well, I promised myself this year would not be BEERS, Books, and Bicycling.  I bike too much for that nonsense.  Last year was proof of that. Although I did encounter a lot of new places and had some good times with Aeryn visiting by car wherever I stopped to eat last year. So this year is "brews" which may seem the same, but means I can focus on coffee with a beer thrown in here and there instead.  Much healthier. Much cheaper.

With our non-winter of 2024, I've already been out.  I was running out of coffee, so I pedaled up to Quixotic [769 Cleveland] to read some Rivers of London [False Values is Book 8] and score a stash of beans while waiting for my subscription to Winnow to kick in per Sarah Morris' recommendation.  About 25 miles round trip.  I wasn't so sure I'd be up for it, particularly all bundled up in felt pants and so many layers, but it was really nice to get out in the sunshine.  That hood always makes me think of Dan'l a little.  We had breakfast on the corner at the Highland Grill after his divorce when he lived in that neighborhood.  Might have been the first place I realized he was in rough shape in a way that he might not pull out of.

Great cup of coffee.  I had the Narrator blend and it didn't disappoint.  I thought I'd ordered a 16 oz cup and they gave me a 12, but honestly, 16 ounces just means I'm going to be hopped up in a weird way for a bike ride and will probably have to find a place to pee on the ride home.  Something to keep in mind for future BBB2024 rides.

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