Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Old School

A recent photo I don't want to lose.  This is me and Jorgs and Petro [left to right for those two, very technical project manager and lead software engineer at the time] out having a beer very end of last year / 2023.  These young gentlemen [they're one year younger than me, each] were my first two team members when I was on the migration project [which was really a bunch of projects to move off mainframes] after I became a software delivery manager in 2009. It honestly seems longer than fifteen years and we're all in different places [e.g. not at a local legal software company] now.  Couldn't have asked for a better first team to be part of.  Our full development teams moving hundreds of millions of calls, hundreds of stylesheets, and an amount of content that would seem large even by today's standards, were a bit wider in scope. I think we had almost fifty people working on migration at one time or another via resource leads and delivery leads and all sorts of indirect reporting structures, and that's if you don't include everyone that was already involved in maintaining current systems and content which was easily at least twice that many again.  It was a great time.  There were constant frustrations, but these two really made it fun.

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