Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Reading November/December 2023

Read 600 and 1100 page books and at 40 pages a day, you fill up on a single book and spread across the months.  There are four books left in that Stormlight series....I think I know what the beginning of 2024 is going to look like.

Babel is a hard read - these aren't really in order so I should highlight I started it on the trip to Tucson and back and I think I average only 30 pages an hour and sometimes less.  I'm looking forward to reading Yellowface by Kuang in 2024.  Stormlight is a great time...maybe I'll write up a separate post with opinions.  Kingfisher is wonderful.  A great retelling of traditional fairy tale tropes.  The Folly short story collection is probably the weakest of anything I've read in that whole series of books and graphic novels and novellas [sorry Ben, but it's true, it's mostly filler].  And the Undiscovered Country Graphic Novel series is really interesting, although a little heavy handed with the trivia and weaving it in. I definitely have friends who would enjoy that Prine's symbol guitar is part of one of the characters in the third collection.

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